Thursday, November 19, 2015

Young Living Essential Oils with Gypsy - 2015 #HolidayGiftGuide Sponsor

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor
To make it simple, essential oils are the life force of plants.  They are the aromatic liquids that lie within many shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.

The liquid is usually obtained through steam distillation, and are MUCH more highly concentrated than any dried herb. In fact, it takes 5,000 pounds of rose petals to make 1 kilo of rose oil, 75 lemons to make one 15ml bottle of lemon essential oil, 27 square feet of lavender plants to make one 15ml bottle of lavender essential oil, and 1 pound of raw peppermint to make one 15 ml of peppermint essential oil.
Essential oils are not the same as vegetable oils, as vegetable oils are greasy and possibly pore clogging. Vegetable oils can also go rancid over time. Because of the desire to create an amazing product through proper distillation, Young Living’s essential oils do not go rancid or expire! Meanwhile, kitchen oils such as olive, coconut, avocado, grape seed, etc. are important, and we call them carrier oils since they are often used to dilute the potency of therapeutic grade essential oils when applying to your skin.
It is important to keep in mind that essential oils should smell exactly like the plant they come from.  Often times companies will add things like vanillin to make them smell sweeter.  If it says 100% pure but it smells sweet, chances are something else has been added.  This means that the medicinal properties are either decreased or nonexistent. If your oil smells like dessert instead of a plant, be warned that it has probably been adulterated.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Monat with Stephanie - 2015 #HolidayGiftGuide Sponsor

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor
We are Modern Nature
We are an innovative Social Marketing company created by contemporary minds with exceptional Direct Sales experience, dedicated to creative entrepreneurs like yourself. Our company was founded by passionate, and motivated people who came together to develop exceptional products and limitless opportunity for those daring to be successful. If you are searching for a unique alternative to the ordinary, you landed on the right page. Through extensive clinical research we have combined ultra-progressive active botanical ingredients with state-of-the-art scientific technologies to bring you safe, high-quality, naturally based, age-prevention products. Welcome to MONAT.

Perfectly Posh with Mandi - 2015 #HolidayGiftGuide Sponsor

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor
Perfectly Posh shares great products all over the USA through amazing Independent Consultants. We’ve enjoyed tremendous success and growth in just a few short years as we build a place where we can come together, be ourselves, and share something we’re passionate about:



Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Custom Gifts for the Holidays and only 99 cents and FREE Shipping

Custom Gifts for the Holidays

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Custom Coin Purse only 99 Cents - Perfect Gift for Christmas

Custom coin purse for .99 cents ( regularly $8.99) and free shipping!
I ordered a few to give as gifts for Christmas.

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Scentsy with Erica - 2015 #HolidayGiftGuide Sponsor

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor

Scents offers a wonderful variety of items that are perfect for the home. Be sure to ask Erica about her current specials too.


Stella and Dot with Patrice - 2015 #HolidayGiftGuide Sponsor

2015 Holiday Gift Guide Sponsor

'Style Matters. At Stella & Dot so does value, versatility and functionality. My job is to give every woman the means to style her own life, on her own terms and my job is GREAT! Whether you are looking to make money on your own terms, check people off your holiday lists or treat yourself to fabulous style I can help you with all of that.
Every purchase over $50 will be entered into a drawing to win one of our Wishing Bracelets. Winners announced on the 30th of Novemeber and December.
Patrice Craig 443-440-0659
FB Page: Patrice Craig; Stella & Dot Stylist

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